InVision, wireframe collaboration tool

Posted on Nov 28, 2013 in Technology, UX, Work | No Comments


In the last couple of weeks, I have had to collaborate with a digital agency, Comoonicate, developing wireframes for the 1Life website. When delivering the wireframes, I realised I am missing a tool that will showcase my hard work.

Que InVision – I started using InVision and it just seem to solve this problem, and beautifully so! I use Balsamiq to wireframe the screens. Once completed, I publish to the InVision platform. I share the screens with the gals from Comoonicate and they can comment on specific items onscreen. I  work my way through each of the issues and check them off, comment and feedback on the progress of specific issues. I can replace the screens with updated versions (it keeps a history of files).

While being able to communicate via the platform, you can also do walk-throughs online either with client or when doing simple user testing.

I really love this app. It is beautifully designed and the features just seem to fit. I can recommend this to anyone who struggles to present wireframes.