Stop giving users options…

Posted on Jul 21, 2013 in Observations, Technology, UX, Work | No Comments

… and give them good user interfaces instead.

I am always fascinated by the ability for users to customize their user interface. True, taste differs, but would the user be truly much worse off had they not had the options to choose between colour schemes of an admin interface.


I gained access to a site hosted on and found the above screen when I was about to login. I was confused on wondered what benefit I would have choosing between the various colour pallets.

Secondly, how badly does the User Experience deteriorate over time – hoping that the engineers actually maintain the various options properly. I bet you the novelty wore off pretty quickly with the fixing of quick issues.

I have recently had the pleasure of working on a site using the Shopify admin interface. I am so pleased with the facility and guess what, no custom screen options for the interface and I still love it!

This is the result of a team spending the time to figure what is really important to their audience (shop owners, designers and techies), all of which are beautifully crafted navigation and layouts. Even keyboard shortcuts for saving and escaping windows function intuitively. Well done to a magnificent effort.

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