We were approached by ClickMaven to assist in a User Experience assessment for www.spitz.co.za and the responsive mobile version of the site. Spitz is widely known in South Africa for selling well crafted shoes and accessories and only made sense that they wish to continue that quality for the online presence.


Assess and feedback on:

  • Overall usability of the website
  • Structure – of the Information Architecture
  • Consistency and standards
  • Aesthetics – Visual Design
  • Navigation usability
  • Home page usability
  • Page layout and content



  • Measure against web standards and online research
  • Online user tests – card sorting exercises
  • Optimization measurements – speed tests, HTML & file optimizations
  • ClickTale heat maps and playback assessments
  • Web traffic stats and user flows

Conclusion & Feedback

Website is a visually pleasing place to be, but requires some attention to make the website more practical. The feedback from the assessment has not been implemented and therefore no site improvements are measurable.

Spitz Website