The project is an Afripack initiative aiming to increase the awareness of violence against woman and children. PAPE Brands & Media partnered with Serrewet.com to produce a solution that would help bring this message across. As a gesture of support for the initiative Afripack had taken, both PAPE & Serrewet.com decided to offer their services for free.


Develop an effective and informative site aiding employees of Afripack and it’s subsidiaries in dealing with the reality of rape in South Africa.



PAPE was heading up the project and developed an incredibly captivating presence for the site. Serrewet.com was responsible for the implementation of a content management system (CMS) and a responsive mobile version of the site. We decided to use WordPress as the CMS platform.


The project is still underway and we are very excited about the possibilities and proud to be associated with this project.

Real Men Hate Rape website