The Company (as it is also known) is an amateur theatre company that’s been around for more than 25 years. They have been entertaining Durban audiences with more than 28 shows during that time. The site is there to recruit potential cast members for auditions and future shows.


Making use of the large and beautifully photos taken (by Richard Mannion) over the last couple of years, it translates well into a feast for the eyes. The site is simple, but prove to very effective in signing up new members.

Neil Snyder (Chairman for The Company of Theatre Arts) was kind enough to provide the following testimonial:

The Company of Theatre Arts (COTA) was formed in the late 1980’s to the growing demand for people who loved to entertain, but were not professionally bound. COTA is a non-profit theatre production company for non-professionals based in Durban, South Africa. For more than 25 years now, The Company has been influential in Durban’s arts community, having produced in excess of 40 shows/ reviews in most of the leading theatre venues within Durban – The Sneddon, The Loft at the Playhouse, The Heritage Theatre, The Rhumbelow Theatre, the old St John’s & Courtyard Theatres’ & the Westville Civic Centre. The Company can proudly state that quite a few of Durban’s best loved professional performers cut there teeth in a Company show!

A key marketing tool to ensure the longevity of the Company through broad appeal was to be attained was by the introduction of a web site in 2007. The Company held an auspicious 21st year reunion in 2007 & a key motivator in ensuring the success of this reunion was the web site marketing tool. This greatly assisted the Company is touching base with many past & current members, who either participated or attended the 2007 show, which was a compilation of numbers performed during those 21 years of existence. Jaco de Wet kindly put his hand up to drive the web site initiative, with no financial gain & has continued to do so – updating, adding & changing the look of the site over the years to ensure it remains relevant & inspiring.

Jaco de Wet gave freely of his time to ensure that a desired web site outcome was attained. Post each show or communication correspondence, Jaco continues to ungrudgingly update the web pages to ensure they remain relevant & informative. Jaco’s own initiative & creative flair has helped us in obtaining a web site we are proud to be associated to.

Jaco is a self motivated & driven individual who takes pride in his work. He is a great team player & assists greatly with creative direction with regards to web site design, feel & integrity. I would highly recommend Jaco’s services…what would our web site be without him!!!