1Life, a financial services company, approached Comoonicate Consulting to tackle their website for a rebrand with a very clear objective:

Increase online sales

With the objective in mind and the targets set, Comoonicate partnered with Serrewet.com to conduct a heuristic evaluation on the existing website for a couple of “quick wins” before the larger project was taken on.


For the site redesign and development, we did a full functional redesign of the 1Life website. This required us to:

  • Develop low fidelity wireframes of each functional page and commerce processes
  • Develop wireframes for desktop, tablet, mobile and feature phone interfaces
  • Conduct user surveys on design direct form the user interfaces
  • Conduct market research on leading financial institution web trends
  • Conduct user testing against the wireframes for desktop and mobile interfaces


The result

The resulting website has outperformed the previous site in every possible way, including user engagement, number of online quotes completed and online life insurance purchases.

The client’s response

It was evident that we have done a sterling job:

“User experience and wire framing are often overlooked but critical in developing a website for a sustainable future for all businesses. Serrewet went beyond what we could have expected and has met the business and our customers need in a digital realm.”

Brina Sieber (1Life Digital Marketing Manager)