A healthy treat – New website

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I have been fortunate enough to help some friends out with a website here and there. One of those were for Ora-Marie. Ora is a registered dietician who moved back to South Africa after 9 years in Wales. Before her family’s long trek back to Gauteng, she started enquiring about what she would need and how she would go […]

Air Hockey Robot Project

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This is exactly why I love technology – Jose Julio decided to build an opponent for his daughter to play against. She loves air hockey … so an idea was born. Built from scratch, he is making this project full accessible to anyone who is keen to copy and improve the system. He ends off by […]

Stop giving users options…

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… and give them good user interfaces instead. I am always fascinated by the ability for users to customize their user interface. True, taste differs, but would the user be truly much worse off had they not had the options to choose between colour schemes of an admin interface. I gained access to a site hosted […]

Serrewet.com working with WyseTalk

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We pleased to broadcast to the few who are reading these posts, that we will be working with WyseTalk. We will helping the folks from Stellenbosch with the user interface development of their online platform. It is early days, but we super excited and hope to feedback the details once the project has been completed.


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I am finally ready to share my site with the world and really hope that it serves me well. After assessing, criticising, building, designing and selling sites to other people for the last 16 years, it all comes down to this, my own site. Please let me know what you think…please also send me spelling […]

Meeting Inspiring People

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I love that feeling when you walk away from a meeting feeling inspired and completely invincible. I have spent little more than a week in Johannesburg and already feel at home. The opportunities been given to me to explore and do what I love has already presented itself. I was introduced by a good friend […]

Animation made by moving atoms

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IBM has made an animated movie by moving atoms around. This may sound like something of little or no relevance to most people, but the reason they are doing it seems even move bizarre…”because they can”. The real purpose I think is to interest potential engineers in the vision these people have and to inspire […]

Technology is helping us travel cheaper

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This is officially my first blog entry! I have threatening to do this for years now, and finally I have the necessary incentive to do so. I have learnt so much over the last 15 years working in the ITC industry, but it has always been to the advantage of my employer. Now the knowledge […]