A healthy treat – New website

Posted on Sep 5, 2014 in Technology, Work | No Comments

I have been fortunate enough to help some friends out with a website here and there. One of those were for Ora-Marie. Ora is a registered dietician who moved back to South Africa after 9 years in Wales. Before her family’s long trek back to Gauteng, she started enquiring about what she would need and how she would go about getting a website for herself.

After a couple mails back and forth, it was decided that I would help build her very own website, Absolute Nutrition. People are always warned against working with friends and family, but working with Ora has been such a treat and I believe the resulting website is a testament to it.

If you need any dietry advice from a super awesome person, please don’t hesitate to contact Ora on her site.


Visit the Absolute Nutrition website for more info